We provide a turnkey technical and business solution to distribute live and recorded TV content from satellite or OTA content providers

Stream Processing

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Subscriber Features

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Operator Features

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Prolific networks

Turnkey Solution

We provide a turnkey technical and business solution to distribute live and recorded TV content from satellite or OTA content providers.



Because our distribution is ABR HLS the distribution transport can be cable modem, Fiber, 802.11 or Private LTE.

premise streaming

Premise Stream Processing

All signal processing is done on premise reducing internet bandwidth cost compared to unstructured live TV delivery.

Software Player

Software Players

Subscribers provide the streaming devices  such as PCs, iPhones, Android phones, Amazon Fire, and Roku eliminating subscriber asset management.


Content Vendor Independent

We support HD distribution from Dish Network, DirecTV or both


Excellence in Service

We remotely monitor and manage our equipment and provide a SLA of 4 hours response on hardware issues

streaming processing

How We Process Content

Ingest & Transcode

After decryption, live content is transcoded into two ABR streams of 800k and 2.5MBs. The streams are packaged in 4 second HLS segments and used for live content. Copies are archived to DAS storage for catch-up TV or nDVR.


Streams are requested by the player and transmitted by the onsite unified media server

Prolific Networks Process
Prolific Networks Process
Prolific Networks Process
Prolific Networks Process

Receive Content

Live content is received and broadcast IP multicast and protected by simulcrypt. Normally the Smartbox is point to point to the media server.


Subscribers login to their account through middleware hosted at AWS. They receive updated EPG data and targeted announcements.

streaming processing

How We Process Content

prolific networks

Subscriber Features

subscriber features
Live HD Content

Live HD Content

All content is transmitted in HD when / if available.

  • Most channels are converted to 1280 x 720P in their native framerate for high-quality delivery.
  • Low-quality streams are 480 x 360P.
  • Most audio is transmitted as AAC stereo.
Playback Controls
7 Day EPG
7 Day Catch-Up TV
Choice Of Player

Operator Features

operator features
Software Players

Software Players

Because subscribers bring their own hardware operators no longer need to track assets.

  • The number of software players can be limited by account
  • Imbedded players are also supported for public areas.
Transport Flexibility
Management Portal
E-commerce Upsell
Content Vendor Independence

Benefits of IP

ABR HLS streaming allows streaming of live or recorded content on multiple backbone types.  Our hybrid cloud / premise streaming model maximizes the benefits of both platforms.


Allows you to distribute live TV device free on multiple backbone types

Prolific networks

QAM Based Video

An inferior product that is difficult to support

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